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EVAL 19-10016 California Tobacco Control Program Policy Evaluation Tracking System

Closed (2019-05-07)

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program intends to award a contract to the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation in response to Solicitation Eval 19-10016, California Tobacco Control Program Policy Evaluation Tracking System.

The purpose of this Solicitation is to request competitive proposals from eligible experienced agencies to identify, track, collect, and rate the quality of codified city and county tobacco control policies, and prepare summary reports. The selected Contractor will track and collect policies from all jurisdictions (county or city) in the state of California and submit them to CTCP on an established schedule.

The successful contractor will:

  1. Collect tobacco control policies from all California city and county jurisdictions;
  2. Review, code, and rate tobacco control policies;
  3. Conduct legal evaluation and interpretation of tobacco control policies for purposes of summarizing and coding policy characteristics;
  4. Rate the strength of tobacco control policies in comparison to model policies;
  5. Establish quality assurance and coding mechanisms that enhance data reporting and quality check;
  6. Create policy report templates summarizing policies adopted, changes in adoption, and populations covered by strong policies to be generated using data from the PETS database;
  7. Provide ongoing training to actual and potential users of tobacco control policy data submitted to PETS database; and
  8. Create a calendar for policy update and reporting.

Goals and Objectives

CTCP seeks to form a partnership with an established and accomplished agency to collect, rate, prepare, and disseminate useable and relevant data on tobacco control policies for use in the PETS database. The PETS contractor will collect information on tobacco-related policies from all jurisdictions (county or city) to ensure the longitudinal analysis of policies in the State. More specifically, the contractor will:

  1. Create, maintain, and define the role of a PETS Advisory Committee;
  2. Present concise data collection methods, coding, analysis, and reporting plan, with staff roles and responsibilities;
  3. Conduct legal evaluation and interpretation of legislated tobacco control policies adopted by county and city governments for purposes of summarizing and coding policy characteristics;
  4. Provide clear documentation of rubric development and set calendar for rubric review and update;
  5. Give details on rubric rationale and validation process (quality assurance);
  6. Describe a plan for capturing different types of policies;
  7. Include the exact date (day, month, and year) when each policy was adopted, as well as dates for subsequent updates and changes;
  8. Ensure that population data used to calculate various policy indicators are correct and up-to-date;
  9. Collaborate with CTCP to revise and update the PETS database to reflect changes in existing policy rubrics and the creation of new rubrics;
  10. Collaborate with CTCP to upload coded policies and documentation to the PETS database; and
  11. Produce fact sheets, descriptive summary reports describing policy adoption and changes over time, and brief reports addressing such things as the extent populations or geographical communities are covered by strong key tobacco control policies.