Funding Opportunities provides access to all procurements released by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) including Requests for Applications (RFAs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Local Lead Agency Guidelines, and funding renewal instructions for currently funded agencies. These procurements may be open and competitive or limited to local health departments or currently funded agencies. Please read the eligibility requirements before submitting an Applicant Registration form.

To simplify language and terminology throughout this website, CTCP uses the following definitions:

  • Applicant - an agency seeking funding regardless whether through an RFA, an RFP, Local Lead Agency Guidelines, or renewal procurement.
  • Procurement - a funding opportunity that may include an RFA, an RFP, Local Lead Agency Guidelines, or renewal instructions.
  • Local Lead Agency - one of the 61 local health departments in California.


Getting Started

Two steps are required in the application process:

Step 1: Applicant Registration and CTCP Approval

Step 2: Application Development and Submission

After you have registered and received a CTCP email confirming your registration approval, you can begin developing your application in the California Online Tobacco Information System (OTIS).

Applicant Registration Instructions

  1. Fields in Red are required. You must complete them to save information and move through the system.
  2. Only one individual per project or agency for which an application will be submitted, may submit an Applicant Registration form (e.g., only one person from the Stop Tobacco Use Now! project at Coffee Health Clinic may submit an Applicant Registration). Once the California Tobacco Control Program approves the initial request, the original requestor can request that we create additional user accounts and link them to the application so that these additional users can assist in completing the application.
  3. To submit an Applicant Registration form, click on Funding Opportunities.
  4. From the list of Current Funding Opportunities, click on the title of the procurement for which your agency or project seeks to apply.
  5. Click on Getting Started.
  6. If you have either an active or an inactive OTIS login name or password, fill in the fields identified below and click the Sign In button. If you have never had an OTIS login name and password, click on the Register Here link. Skip to #12 for instructions on how to register for a new login name and password.
  7. Qualifying Questions: After you Sign In, you may be asked to respond to several questions before finalizing your request to ensure that your agency is eligible to apply. See below for a sample of qualification questions. After you respond to the questions, click on Submit.
  8. Agency Selection: After you Sign In, click on the button that lists your agency's name and its 10-digit Federal Identification (FEID) number. If the agency which is applying is not listed, click on the Create New Agency button and you will be prompted to provide official information about the agency. Click on Next to move to the next screen.
  9. Letter of Intent: If the procurement for which you are applying for requests a Letter of Intent, review the RFA or RFP for instructions about the information to provide in the letter. The letter of intent is an important document to the California Tobacco Control Program because it helps us to calculate the number of peer reviewers to recruit and the necessary areas of peer reviewer expertise. The information in the Letter of Intent is not binding. The California Tobacco Control Program uses it to aid in planning the peer review.
    Prepare the letter using word processing software and save the document to your computer as a Word document or PDF. To upload the letter of intent, click on Browse and search your computer files for the correct electronic file. Click on the name of the file and then click on Open. The name of the uploaded file will appear in the Letter of Intent field. If you have uploaded the correct file, click on Next. Otherwise, repeat the upload steps.
  10. Create a New Agency:
    Agency FEID- Enter your agency's official 10-digit Federal Identification Number.
    Agency Full Name- Enter the full, official name of your agency.
    Agency Short Name- Enter a shortened version of your agency's full name to use on reports and screens which have space limitations.
    Agency Type-Select the one agency type that best describes your agency.
    • City Health Jurisdiction ( i.e., city health department)
    • County Health Jurisdiction ( i.e., county health department)
    • For-profit Agency
    • Non-profit Agency ( i.e., private or public non-profit agency such as a 501-3C, public school, or tribe)
    • State Agency (i.e., a state government agency other than a university, college, or community college)
    • University ( i.e., a public or private university, college, or community college)
  11. Click on Next to move to the next screen and complete the additional contact Information:
    County this Agency Resides in- From the drop down menu, select the county in which the agency's headquarters office resides. If the agency is outside California, select, Not Applicable.
    Contact Information-Enter the phone, fax, and email address for the agency. If the agency has a website, please provide the website address.
    Physical Address-Enter the physical address which identifies where the agency is located.
    Mailing Address-Enter the address the agency uses to receive US mail.
  12. Applicant Registration Submission
    Verify that the information is correct. If correct, click on Submit. If there is an error, click on Cancel Request. If you cancel, you will start the Applicant Registration process over.