Frequently Asked Questions

Where can bidders find Request for Applications/Request for Proposals information?

All information provided for any given Request for Applications/Request for Proposals will be posted to this website. Check back often for updated information.

What is the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP)? Where does your funding come from?

In November 1988, California voters approved the California Tobacco Health Protection Act of 1988, also known as Proposition 99. This referendum increased the state cigarette tax by 25 cents per pack and added an equivalent amount on other tobacco products. The new revenues were earmarked for programs to reduce smoking, to provide health care services to indigents, to support tobacco-related research, and to fund resource programs for the environment. Find information about the California Tobacco Control Program via the CTCP Featured Websites link located through Navigation.

What funding opportunities do you offer, and how often is funding available?

This site is updated as soon as new funding opportunities become available. Please check back often. Once you create an account on the Funding Opportunities portion of this website, you will be alerted as new information is added to any given Request for Applications/Request for Proposals. There is no set schedule for the release of funding opportunities.

How do I locate data on smoking and health?

You can find information on various data sources pertaining to tobacco and health at the CTCP Featured Websites page on this site.

Can I add my project to the Project Directory on this site if I do not have funding?

No. Only projects currently funded by CTCP have information posted to this directory.

Can I add information to the web-based Local Program Evaluator Directory on this site?

Yes, the purpose of this directory is to create a resource for our funded projects to identify potential evaluators interested in working with local tobacco control programs in California. Being listed in this directory does not imply endorsement by the California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program. Information provided in this Web-based directory serves as a resource for local tobacco control projects who need to locate experienced local tobacco control evaluators and to support networking among local program evaluators.

This website solicits information about the qualifications, areas of expertise and availability of individuals who would like to be considered as local program evaluators. If a CTCP-funded agency contracts with a local program evaluator identified in this database, the data provided by the local program evaluator will be electronically linked to the Tobacco Control Plan of the CTCP-funded agency. The local program evaluator's directory profile will be automatically updated to identify each CTCP-funded project that the local program evaluator works with.

**Proposers for Media RFPs should not use the Local Program Evaluator Directory. Follow the instructions within the RFP to obtain information about obtaining evaluators.

How can I request more information about the various areas on this website?

Use the “Contact Us” link below to ask any additional questions that are not answered here.