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CG 24-10002 The Statewide End to California’s Tobacco Epidemic

November 21, 2023 - 5:00 PM

The purpose of this Request for Application (RFA) is to fund up to three (3) Statewide Technical Assistant Providers (Statewide Providers) grants, one to provide specialized support for each of the following focus areas: 1) Community Engagement and Organizing, 2) Policy Development and Implementation, and 3) Youth and Young Adult Advocacy. The purpose of the Statewide Providers is to foster collaboration, facilitate community engagement, and utilize capacity-building expertise to empower California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Prevention Program (CDPH/CTPP)-funded projects, as well as other state, and local community partners to advance their work to end the tobacco epidemic in California.

The California Department of Public Health/California Tobacco Prevention Program (CDPH/CTPP) intends to award three (3) grants to the following agencies in response to Request for Application (RFA) CG #24-10002, The Statewide End to California’s Tobacco Epidemic.

Congratulations to the following agencies:

1. Community Engagement and Organizing:

American Heart Association - California Tobacco Endgame Center for Organizing

and Engagement

2. Policy Development and Implementation:

American Lung Association – Law and Policy Partnership to End the Commercial Tobacco Epidemic

3. Youth and Young Adult Advocacy:

Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. – California Youth Advocy Network


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