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Eval 20-10024 California Youth Tobacco Survey

Closed (2020-07-30)

The California Department of Public Health, California Tobacco Control Program intends to award a contract to Research Triangle Institute in response to Solicitation EVAL 20-10024, California Youth Tobacco Survey.

The purpose of this Solicitation is to request competitive proposals from eligible experienced agencies to conduct an annual, school-based, probability survey of California youth on tobacco use behaviors. Tobacco use behaviors may include, but are not limited to, use, dependence, susceptibility, and environmental exposure. Surveillance will also include limited attitude, opinion, and co-morbid substance use questions, primarily as they relate to patterns and predictors of tobacco use (e.g. addictiveness, flavors, social norms). The services sought include sampling design, survey development, recruitment, survey administration, data management, data analysis, and reporting of results.

This procurement is exempt from Part 2 of Division 2 (commencing with Section 10100) of the Public Contract Code. 

Goals and Objectives

  • CTCP seeks to contract with an established and accomplished agency to track youth tobacco use behaviors in California on an annual basis. The selected Contractor will conduct four annual school-based surveys in computer/web format to middle school (8th grade) and high school (10th and 12th grades) students in public and private schools in California. The primary objective of this project is to collect data on youth tobacco use, emerging tobacco product use, exposure to secondhand smoke or vapor, and co-use of tobacco and other substances among California youth. A secondary objective is to collect data on attitude, opinion, and co-morbid substance use related to tobacco use.


More specifically, a successful Contractor will:

  1. Develop, in consultation with CDPH/CTCP, a five-year sampling and recruiting plan;
  2. Develop, in consultation with CDPH/CTCP, survey measures and, where possible, ensure that survey measures are comparable to national youth tobacco surveys as directed by CDPH/CTCP;
  3. Recruit schools to participate in and administer the annual survey;
  4. Provide data management and data analysis services;
  5. Prepare three (3) detailed annual reports on current youth tobacco use behaviors and attitudes and trends and one (1) cumulative four-year report;
  6. Prepare 58 brief county-specific annual reports on current youth tobacco use prevalence, behaviors, and attitudes in Project Years 2 and 4;
  7. Translate and disseminate survey finds to public health, school, and other professional audiences; and
  8. Maintain regular and frequent communication with CDPH/CTCP on the progress of the project.