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CG 16-10064 California Tobacco Control I-Clearinghouse

Closed (2016-06-06)

New -The California Department of Public Health intends to award a contract to Education Training and Research Associates in response to CTCP Solicitation 16-10064, California Tobacco Control I-Clearinghouse.

Through this solicitation, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP), is seeking one qualified public or private nonprofit agency to operate and maintain a statewide California Tobacco Control I-Clearinghouse to manage tobacco control information in a timely, efficient manner that is highly accessible to CTCP contractors working on tobacco control issues in California and others engaged in tobacco control work in California.

Services will consist of, but are not limited to: 1) website with capabilities for downloading materials, creation of educational materials, and ordering of no-cost materials;  2) educational materials development technical assistance; 3) quit kit and smoke-free home kit order fulfillment and bulk distribution of educational materials; and 4) educational materials management and coordination  with local, state, and national partners.

CTCP will fund a single public or private nonprofit agency to operate and maintain a statewide tobacco control information and resources clearinghouse. Applicants must demonstrate that Primary staff has materials development, design, publication, fulfillment, bulk distribution, materials management, and information technology capabilities.

CTCP intends to make a single contract award to the most qualified applicant complying with the provisions of this solicitation