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CG 15-100 Achieving Tobacco-Related Health Equity Among California’s Diverse Populations

Closed (2015-01-15)

The California Department of Public Health intends to award grants to the following applicants for Request for Applications 15-100, Achieving Tobacco-Related Health Equity Among California’s Diverse Populations:

1.  American Lung Association in California - San Bernardino
2.  American Lung Association in California – Fresno
3.  American Lung Association in California - Los Angeles
4.  American Lung Association in California - Orange County
5.  American Lung Association in California - San Diego
6.  American Lung Association in California - Chico
7.  Alameda County Health Care Services Agency
8.  America On Track
9.  Bay Area Community Resources, Inc. Project Ride
10.  Bay Area Community Resources, Inc. Sunset Project
11.  Breathe California of Sacramento - Emigrant Trails
12.  Breathe California of the Bay Area
13.  California Health Collaborative
14.  California Health Collaborative - Chico
15.  Catholic Charities San Diego
16.  Contra Costa Health Services
17.  Education Training and Research Associates
18.  Education Training and Research Associates, Yolo County
19.  FAME Assistance Corporation
20.  Fighting Back Partnership
21.  Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission
22.  Health and Social Policy Institute
23.  National Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependence-Orange County
24.  Pajaro Valley Prevention
25.  People's Community Organization for Reform and Empowerment
26.  Public Health Foundation Enterprises, Inc. The SOL Project
27.  San Dieguito Alliance
28.  San Francisco Study Center, Inc.
29.  Social Advocates for Youth San Diego
30.  The Northern California Center for Well-Being
31.  The URSA Institute
32.  Tri-City Health Center
33.  United Indian Health Services, Inc.
34.  Vista Community Clinic
35.  Watts Healthcare Corporation

The purpose of this Request for Applications (RFA) is to fund approximately 26 to 35 grants to implement and evaluate policy, system, and environment change efforts aimed at preventing and reducing tobacco use among population groups with high rates of smoking.  The populations of focus for this RFA are those identified in draft 2015 -2017 Master Plan of the Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee (TEROC), Changing Landscape Countering New Threats.  As identified in the July 2014 TEROC Master Plan draft, these are:  African Americans (AA); other people of African descent; American Indians/Alaska Natives (AI/AN); Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders; some Asian American men; Hispanics/Latinos; people of low socioeconomic status (SES), including the homeless; people with limited education, including high school non-completers; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people; rural residents; current members of the military, veterans; individuals employed in jobs or occupations not covered by smoke-free workplace laws; people with substance use disorders or behavioral health issues; people with disabilities; and formerly incarcerated individuals.

Geographically, applications may focus locally, in multiple communities, or statewide. Applications are to focus on the following priority areas: 1) Limit Tobacco Promoting Influences; 2) Reduce Exposure to Secondhand Smoke, Tobacco Smoke Residue, Tobacco Waste, and Other Tobacco Products; 3) Reduce the Availability of Tobacco, including Emerging Products; and 4) Promote Tobacco Cessation.  Please note, applications that focus solely on cessation will not be reviewed.  Applications proposing cessation-related interventions must propose comprehensive, population-based cessation strategies and at least one other non-cessation strategy.  This RFA will not fund the provision of direct cessation services.  Applications may include activities that link the use of tobacco to other community concerns and root causes of tobacco use, as appropriate within the authority provided by California Health and Safety Code Sections 104350-104445 and pursuant to the parameters outlined in the RFA.

NEW: December 31, 2014: Revisions Made to Contract Documents: Exhibit C and Exhibit E.  The  changes described below were made to the Contract Documents.  Please refer to the respective updated Exhibits for more information.

1) Income Restrictions (#9) was removed from Exhibit C.

2) Equipment and/or Software Purchased (#5) was added to Exhibit E.


~~NEW: December 16, 2014: Administrative/Collaborative Activities: Please note that the Administrative/Collaborative Activities form, which appears as a link under Additional Documents is not a required RFA form and does not impact the submission of your application or the scoring of your application.  CTCP recommends that applicants write the term, “None” into the text box.  Writing the term, “None,” leaving the form blank, or submitting other information has no impact on the submission or scoring of your application.

NEW~~Due to technical difficulties from GoToTraining, CTCP is unable to post the RFA Informational Webinar recording that took place on 11/21/14.  CTCP is working with GoToTraining to capture and salvage what was recorded, but regrettably,  we will not be able to post it until further notice.  Please refer to the RFA Informational Webinar slide show which was posted in the “Related Materials” section of TCFOR.