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CG 12-10599 CA Tobacco Facts & Figures 2013

Closed (2013-03-01)

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) is seeking proposals from qualified California state universities or colleges to develop a 15-20 page California Tobacco Facts & Figures 2013 booklet which will summarize the 15-30 most important and current California tobacco metrics regarding tobacco consumption, tobacco use prevalence, secondhand smoke exposure, availability of tobacco products, tobacco marketing, tobacco price, the cost of smoking, and the effectiveness of the California Tobacco Control Program. . Development of the California Tobacco Facts & Figures 2013 will not involve the collection of new data. It will be based on current published literature, reports, and limited secondary data analysis.

2/19/2013:  Instructions for this solicitation will be released on 2/20/13.

2/20/2013:  Instructions for this solicitation have been posted.