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Denise Cintron-Perales


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Work Samples
1-E-8 Breathe California Ob 1 FER (final)1.pdf
San Joaquin 2017 FER (final).pdf
3-E-7 Breathe California Ob 3 BER (final)1.pdf

Name: Michael Magana
Title: Health Education Program Manager
Organization: Calaveras Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Division
Phone: (209) 754-6019
Email: mmagana@co.calaveras.ca.us
Time Period: July 2007 - Present
Name: Margo Leathers Sidener, MS, CHES
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Organization: Breathe California of the Bay Area, Golden Gate & Central Coast
Phone: (408) 998-5865
Email: margo@lungsrus.org
Time Period: July 1997 - Present
Name: Holly Sisneros, M.P.H.
Title: CEO
Organization: Public Health Views Consulting, LLC
Phone: 916-601-2281
Email: email: holly@phviews.com
Time Period: June 1998 - Present