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Juliette Mackin
Co-President, Senior Research Associate


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NPC Research - 10 years, Juliette Mackin - 6 years
NPC Research - 30 years, Juliette Mackin - 25 years
Majority of NPC staff: 40 hours /week
Areas of Expertise:  
Program Evaluation: Convenience Sampling
Data Visualization
Focus Groups
Key Informant Interviews
Observation Data Collection
Online Survey Development
Partnership Evaluation
Peer Review Manuscript Preparation
Report Preparation
Survey Instrument Development
Other: We no longer build program databases independently but we frequently work with developers to ensure the systems fit client needs and are user-friendly
Data Analysis: Averages/Means
Cost/Benefit Analysis
Other: We often conduct group comparisons using t-tests and cross tabulations. We calculate matched comparison groups using Propensity Score Matching and Mahalanobis Distance Matching.
Software Used: Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (e.g., NVivo, )
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)
Other: We primarily use SPSS though some of our staff are proficient in SAS, Stata, and R. We use Microsoft Access left frequently than we used to, but we still have staff who have used that software. While we do not currently have NVivo software, we have a staff member with expertise in this and other qualitative software packages.
Public Health Areas: Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention
Behavioral Health Settings
Community Engagement
Maternal Child Health
Policy Implementation
Population Groups: African Americans, other people of African descent
American Indian and Alaska Natives
Behavioral Health Care Providers
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people
People of low socioeconomic status (LSES)
People with Substance Use Disorders
Rural communities
Languages: Chinese/Mandarin

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