Local Program Evaluator (LPE) Registry

This Registry solicits information about the qualifications, areas of expertise, and availability of individuals who would like to be considered as local program evaluators for CTPP funded projects.

CTPP requires its local contractors to direct a minimum of 10 percent of their local program funds toward evaluation and to designate at least one qualified evaluator as the lead. Tobacco Control Plans submitted must include a description of the evaluation design, data collection methods and instruments, sampling, data analysis plan, and how the findings will be disseminated. Local program evaluators generally work in a collaborative relationship with local projects to prepare the Plan, conduct the evaluation, and prepare progress and evaluation reports.

For more information about our local program evaluation efforts, please refer to the following publication:

Tang H, Cowling DW, Koumjian, K, Roeseler A, Lloyd J and Rogers T. (2002, Fall) " Building local program evaluation capacity toward a comprehensive evaluation. " New Directions for Evaluation, 2002(95), 39-56. http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/fulltext/98516131/PDFSTART

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