CG 20-10003 California Tribal Grants to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparities

April 2, 2020 - 5:00 PM

The purpose of the California Tribal Grants to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparities is to address commercial tobacco-related disparities affecting the American Indian population by directly funding and assisting California Tribal Governments and Tribal Government Agencies. This Request for Application (RFA) seeks to reduce tobacco-related health disparities in American Indian communities through tribal approaches focused on commercial tobacco use prevention and reduction, collaboration, and community engagement.

The term “tobacco” used in this RFA refers to commercial tobacco products. This RFA does not seek to impinge upon the sacred use of traditional or ceremonial tobacco in American Indian communities.

The second question period closed February 28, 2020 and answers were to be posted March 6, 2020. No written questions were received for the second question period.

The California Department of Public Health intends to award grants to the following agencies in response to Request for Applications 20-10003, California Tribal Grants to Reduce Tobacco-Related Disparities:

1. Coyote Valley Tribe

2. Redwood Valley Rancheria

3. Sherwood Valley Rancheria

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